I just got back from a day in the desert with I Set My Friends on Fire who I was photographing for their soon to be released new album, Astral Rejection. New images and video coming soon.

One of my MEMPHIS photos is in the current issue of Oxford American, The Southern Music Issue, accompanying Jamey Hatley’s story about how she overcame her distaste for blues music. The magazine hit newsstands December 01st. If you see it, stop and take a look. Or, better yet, buy a copy.

Big thanks to E Stenman for pointing out that ESPN’s show, PTI: Pardon the Interruption used one of my Scarlett Johansson photos in the “Rundown” segment of the show today while showing her some birthday love. Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilborn, PTI’s hosts, who are known for their fast paced, back and forth banter didn’t stray far from the script today when Kornheiser managed to drop a Ryan Reynolds, “ world’s sexiest man” comment and a Burt Reynolds reference all while wishing Scarlett a happy birthday. I know Scarlett is a Yankees fan but I wonder if she watches PTI? Doubtful.

Los Angeles, CA

Walking around downtown Los Angeles today I had one of those moments where I kicked myself for not having a film camera with me.

Jardin des Tuileries – Paris, France

I’m working in Paris this week and the only personal photos I’ve shot are with my iPhone / Hipstamatic. It feels a little dirty using the Hipstamaatic app. I feel like I’m cheating but since there hasn’t been time to break out a film camera, iPhone photos are better than going home empty handed.


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